Lavender Wax Melt 100g 6 Cube


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Containing pure lavender essential oil, this soothing and relaxing blend is reminiscent of a day at the spa.

Wax Melts – Large bar Luxury fragrances! Perfume Inspired Dupes! Highly Scented Long-Lasting Melts



Dispatches from a small business in Scotland United Kingdom

Materials: Wax type:

Eco Soya Melt Wax

Does not contain any GMO products.

Biodegrades and is vegan friendly.

You will receive a highly scented soy wax melt Wax Melt 100g 6 Cube
Our wax melts are made using top quality soy wax and will leave your home smelling beautiful!
Our Wax Melts are completely handmade by us here in Scotland IN Ayrshire with love and care going into each and every melt! Using the maximum amount of Fragrance Oil that the wax can hold throwing a gorgeous strong scent means you will not be disappointed!

Each bar comes individually packaged complete with CLP labels and instructions.


These wax bars/hearts are designed to be broken up and melted with a tea light burner to throw the scent into the air.


To prevent fire and serious injury, please remove packaging before use.

Use the melts only on approved tea light or electric warmers.

Please take special care around children and pets by keeping the melts AND packaging away from them.

DO NOT add water. DO NOT leave the melts and burner unattended.

Damaged Items – Disclaimer:
By using secure packaging, we do our best to ensure that your order is not damaged during delivery. However, some items may arrive damaged such as snapped wax bars due to the mishandling of items while in transit.


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