Unscented Soy Wax Tea Lights 12


About our Tea lights

4 Hour plus burn time
100% Handmade
100% Soy Wax
100% FSC approved recyclable packaging
Lead free wicks, only cotton and wax

Tea light Safety

Use within sight. Keep melted wax clear of debris. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Allow wax to cool & harden before handling. Do not touch hot wax. Wax can remain hot for several minutes after warmer is no longer in use. To avoid splatter, do not add water or fragrance oil to wax. Only use with an unscented 4 hour tea light maximum.


If you use wax melts, you need unscented tealights, and ones which burn for as long as they say they will, and are made from quality ingredients. To help you feel even better these tealights are also made from recycled cups.

We collect used tealight cups, add new wicks and our lovely soy wax. The box contains 12 candles, mixed sizes. They will all burn for a minimum of 4 hours each. Just £1 postage if bought by themselves. Once used you can either return to Ayrshire handmade ltd for us to reuse, or recycle with your usual kerbside recycling.

Please take care when using the larger tealights. Not all melt burners are designed for them.

Unscented natural sustainable soy wax tealights. Hand poured from our exclusive blend of natural Soy Wax and finished with our in house handmade natural cotton, soy coated wick. Our tealights are made from 100% natural soy wax. No additives. Our tealights offer a guaranteed clean, efficient burn.

Each tealight is 38mm in diameter and 14mm tall. Each hand poured soy tea-light contains approximately 14 grams of high grade soy wax and burns with a steady flame in it’s recycled and recyclable aluminium cup, for 4.5 – 5.5 hours. Perfect for bath time… or many bath times!

Why Use Soy Wax?

Soy wax is a natural non-toxic alternative to Paraffin wax which is used by big brands and high street stores. Unlike Paraffin wax, Soy wax is clean burning and produces no toxins when burning. They also burn for much longer. Soy wax is a natural vegetable wax and so is Vegan Friendly. All materials and processes relating to our company is Cruelty Free.

Our tealights, like all of our products, are hand poured by our quirky team at our small shop in Ayrshire UK. We are all paid a fair living wage to make the tealights. We source our materials responsibly, which sometimes does not mean the cheapest. Our tealights are offered at the lowest prices possible.

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